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Pass-Throughs for Cleanrooms

VTPT Custom Pass-Trough Modules

Medical Air Solutions, Inc. has custom designed and engaged a steel cabinet manufacturer here in the US to build a comprehensive line of pharmacy compounding room (CSP) and laboratory pass-through units used primarily for safely moving compounding materials from one pressurized room to another. 

These heavy duty 304 stainless steel welded cabinets employ a contra-door lock system with a clear panel interlocking door for visual inspection. When one door is open, the opposing door cannot be opened until the other is closed and locked and vise-versa.  This feature insures the environmental integrity between the rooms so that no free flow of air between the two rooms can occur.  An example of our VTPT1000 model, shown below, will accommodate all but the very largest commercial product volume of compounding activity.  We custom manufacture a smaller model, shown at right, as well as a number of larger models.

Standard Sizes Available

 VTPT 200  (9 x 18 x 15 exterior, 2 sections w/3 racks)


VTPT 400  (18 x 24 x 36 exterior, single chamber w/ 3 racks

VTPT 500  (36 x 24 x 48 exterior, single chamber w/4 racks

VTPT 600  (24 x 36 x 36 exterior, single chamber w/3 racks

VTPT 700  (24 x 30 x 80 exterior, single chamber w/5 racks


VTPT 800  (77.5 x 30 x 60 exterior, two chambers w/5 racks each

VTPT 900  (48 x 24 x 36 exterior, two chambers w/3 racks each

VTPT 1000  (105 x 30 x 60 exterior,  four chambers w/5 racks each

Our pass through models are well designed, rugged systems for a specific purpose, with best quality materials for their specific application This  allows us to offer a two (2) year limited manufacturers parts and materials warranty.  Delivery for these custom built to order units normally requires a minimum of 60 days prior to delivery


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