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Instruments for Cleanrooms

Particle Scan Pro

The ParticleScan™ Pro uses laser technology to measure particle concentrations in ambient air. The ParticleScan™ Pro is easy to use, fast and reliable.  Simply turn the instrument on and point the air intake probe at the area you wish to assess.  Within six seconds the ParticleScan™ Pro will display the concentration of airborne particles.  The instrument will continue to update the reading automatically every six seconds, allowing you to monitor particle concentration changes as they occur and to track down individual pollution sources.

It’s easy to convert the ParticleScan™ Pro into a continuous data logging device for IAQ studies and investigations.  The optional ParticleScan™ software allows you to log particle counts in six size channels into an Excel spreadsheet.  This enables you to document particle contamination trends and create descriptive graphs for client presentations.  The software also allows on-line, real-time data monitoring and graph display, as well as alarm condition points to be set.

Supplied Accessories

- Transport case for field use- Isokinetic probe for accurate sampling
- Purge filter for cleaning & zero calibration
- Mains power adapter / NiMH battery charger (115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz)
- CD-ROM with ParticleTrak™ software for data logging onto PC and Palm™
- PC serial cable for data transfer to your PC
- Palm™ serial adapter for data transfer to Palm OS hand-held computers
- Instruction manual.

Handheld 3016 Particle Counter

Featuring Mass Concentration Mode that approximates density in μg / m3 and providing up to 6 channels of simultaneous particle counting, the HANDHELD 3016 IAQ displays both cumulative and differential particle count data as well as Temperature / Relative Humidity data on its fast and easy to read color touch screen. Removable batteries and optional charger help to maximize the HANDHELD’s portability and uptime. Data is easily downloaded using the Lighthouse Data Transfer Software.

The HANDHELD 3016 IAQ monitors particulate levels accurately and reliably, even in “hard-to-reach” areas where two-handed operation is unsafe.

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Built-in Recipes and Reports make cleanroom testing and certification fast and easy
  • User Friendly Interface
  • International Support
  • Low Cost of Ownership

AS475-III Portable Digital Manometer

This hand-held manometer is a compact, portable, bi-directional, battery-operated digital manometer with excellent sensitivity and stability down to 0.001"of water column (or 0.1 Pascal). The sensing element is a proprietary highly sensitive differential capacitance cell, designed to operate at extremely low pressures.  This AS475-III sensing element has been used for many years in other pressure transmitters and has proved to be most reliable.  This sensing element is used for pressures below 1.00 inch of water column.  Pressures greater than 1 inch of water is sensed by the latest silicon based technology.

The AS475-III digital manometer is an ideal instrument for HVAC testing and balance work, CSP buffer zone pressure differential measurements, furnace draft measurement, clean room or paint spray booth differential pressure measurement and other specialized low differential pressure applications. 

TRRM Room Pressure Monitor

This Room Pressure Monitor is an advance compact control module that continuously monitors and/or controls room pressure and environment. The TRRM incorporates a bright colorful touch LCD screen interface to display a room's pressure status along with its pressure reading accurate to 0.001" Water Column (W. C.). This monitor / controller is designed to be either recessed or surface mounted wherever monitoring is required. The TRRM gives personnel a clear, accurate, and unambiguous indication of its environment and alarm status.

The TRRM is capable of integration with building automation systems (BAS) or thru its onboard RS-485 Communication port or optional Daughter board.  The default communications protocol is delivered with BACnet but other major protocols are available. 

All menus are accessed through the intuitive touch screen that allows the user to quickly configure for the TRRM to monitor and/or control critical rooms.  Access to the menus are password protected so that only authorized personnel can change the operating mode of the unit.

The TRRM is the most State-of-the-Art differential pressure monitor on the market today.

Other Room Pressure Monitors

The model TK/FMS-1630-D/R  (direct/remote) wall mounted pressure monitor constantly monitors the difference in pressure between a negative or positive pressure room and a hallway or other remote reference pressure site. It can control to user specified negative or positive pressure set points.  This instrument can be used to control the room pressure with its PID output or simply monitor the room for alarm conditions, both audible and visual as required by the latest regulations. The TKFMS-1630L-R2 model is for sensing two sites simultaneously with remote LON capability.

The PCPM1000 pressure monitor meets or exceeds all published AIA, CDC, JCAHO and HICPAC-2003 guidelines, standards and regulations. 

The wall mounted pressure monitor model PCPM1000 (w/ remote capability) constantly monitors the difference in pressure between a neutral, negative or positive pressure room and a hallway or other remote reference pressure site. It can control to a user specified negative or positive pressure set points.  It has  both audible and visual alarming capability.

N6 Type Single Stage Viable Impactor Sampler

The single stage, N6 Type, microbial impactor was specifically designed by NIOSH researchers to meet the specifications of the latest ACGIH Bioaerosol Committee concerning sampling protocol, EPA, OSHA and FDA reference the N6 Cascade Impactors in their particle sizing protocols.  This inertial impactor obtains a sharp cut-off diameter of 0.65 µm.                         

The sampler is comprised of an aluminum inlet cone, jet stage, and a base plate held together by three spring clamps and sealed with O-ring gaskets.  The jet stage has 400 precision machined jet orifices.  This Single Stage Viable Impactor requires a flow rate of exactly 28.3 lpm (1 CFM) to achieve the well documented cut-off diameter of 0.65 µm.


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