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Medical Air Solutions’ primary charter is to provide the healthcare profession with the highest level of quality and cost efficient air purification equipment available.  Air purification, as it relates to removal of pathogenic contamination in the medical world, is a relatively new area of expertise in air handling.  It’s far more demanding than simply removing dust, pollen and other dormant particulates from ambient air.  It began to be seriously addressed in the early 1990’s when Tb incidence began increasing throughout the US.  After that, up until 2000, little was done to upgrade the design of available air purification equipment.

Since 2000 Medical Air Solutions (MAS) has continued to incorporate numerous convenience features and contemporary engineering design into what we call medical-grade* air purification equipment (ancillary, independent motor/blower driven, HEPA air supply systems).  These improvements take advantage of current engineering technology and philosophy of airflow dynamics.  

With the latest AIA standards in place (12 air changes per hour – ACH) for isolation rooms (AII), for example, most older designed systems can barely meet new higher ACH requirements with the cfm deliverance designed into them.   That is why MAS offers systems which deliver as high as 3,400 cfm to accommodate virtually any area volume requirement, including ER waiting rooms.  We even supply mini-air handlers specifically designed for bioterrorism defense for entire wings or departments within the hospital.  Specialized systems include not only portable High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) units, but also in-ceiling, in-line duct systems and heavy duty weatherized external systems. This AirSecurity is provided by our comprehensive product line known as AirShield.

Our newer technology is primarily directed at helping reduce nosocomial infections (hospital acquired infections – HAI) which is an insidious, inbred healthcare problem.  We have termed HAI, the “scourge of modern medicine”.  By offering a wide spectrum of various models and types of medical-grade air purification systems and accessory products we hope to aid in the reduction of this unnecessary enigma affecting airborne pathogenic contamination in various hospital departments.  These includes pharmacy, surgery, ICU, ER, medicine and other AIA and JCAHO designated “critical care” areas requiring either positive pressure or negative pressure HEPA filtered air.   

By supporting this quest for healthier, pathogen free clean air in the healthcare environment we will have contributed to this never ending goal.  By offering quality products, prompt customer support, unparalleled warranty terms and integrity with customer relationships we will have achieved our goal.  Thank you, in advance, for your consideration of MAS for your air purification products and services requirements.


 Lee G. Hadin

Managing Partner, President  & C.E.O.

Medical Air Solutions, Inc.

November, 2007

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